Stress Management Workshop / Course

Stress Management with new holistic Energy Psychology

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Increasingly working environments are faster and more competitive; in addition, change has become the new constant. Organisations focus on “managing lean” and optimizing resources with high demands on individuals.

Understanding the causes, signs, and symptoms of stress is the prerequisite to managing the effects.

This practical course is designed to help participants to reduce or prevent stress, manage pressure, learn to stay more in control of themselves and perform at their own optimum level.


Who will the course benefit?

All individuals, managers, and non-managers alike who need to be equipped to deal with pressure they face at work and wish to re-stabilize calm, clarity, concentration and high energy levels.


What will the participants learn?

  • Identify different forms of stress – both positive and negative
  • How to understand the causes of their stress and the relationship between stress, pressure and performance.
  • Recognising the symptoms and “early warning” signs of stress.
  • Understanding the affects of the stress hormone cortisol.
  • Recognise and harness the potential of positive stress, (e.g.stimulating challenge and “stretch”)
  • How to relax and refresh the mind and body anywhere, anytime, using cutting edge new holistic Energy Psychology methods.
  • Develop a positive attitude as a protection from negativity.
  • Methods to keep confidence and energy levels high.
  • Ways to take more control of their life and reactions in pressure situations.


What are the course objectives?

  • To support participants in recognising the positive impact of “healthy” challenge and stimulus, as well as the potentially damaging impact of negative stress.
  • To equip participants to avoid, reduce and manage negative stress.


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